those songs that remind you of summer,being barefoot, summer breezes, collarbones, boys with tattoos, falling asleep to the sound of rain, anklets, good hair days, when boys do that cute half-smile, dream catchers, being able to say whatever you want to your best friend and not have to worry, taking long showers that wash away your worries, holding hands, coming home late and going straight to bed, buying amazing clothes that you found on sale, unexpected moments that become your favourite memories, falling asleep instantly when your upset, realizing everything is going to be okay.

A dash of fashion , a pinch of Inspiration and a world of imagination. I do not own or take credit for any of the photos i post unless stated.


Holy moly



Let me be your:

7am morning fuck before you go to work

Midday text, letting you know that you’re on my mind

5pm cuddle after a long days work

11pm rough fuck as i pound away the frustrations of your day

2am soft whisper in your ear, as i tell you “i love you”

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The Billionaire Gentleman
❝ Death is better than painful forever.
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☹Dark Thoughts , Happy Faces☺
❝ Fuck, I want to have her in ways no one else has ever had her or ever will have her.
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❝ A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey
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